Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Project 52:Week 15,16

Project 52: A photo once a week to document our daily lives
Week: 15 & 16

We spent last Sunday afternoon with Hubby's family to celebrate Easter early. The kids had fun dying Easter eggs, it literally took three adults to supervise them! Love watching their chubby fingers at work!

Hunter and I started this week out with a nice morning at Imperial Beach . The weather has been gorgeous lately, it was so refreshing to get out in the morning and just "be present" with my boy. That was my word for 2014 and I love enjoying this time with just him before this babe comes.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Project 52: A photo once a week to document our daily lives
Week 14
I couldn't pick just one of these images for this weeks photo, so I went with all of them. I think all these shots capture Hunter's personality and they make me smile. His current favorite movie to watch is the jungle book. Here he is zoning out and dancing to the elephant march, in his diaper and cowboy boots ;)


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Beautiful life

 I will be honest, I don't LOVE being pregnant. All the aches, pains, body changes, mood swings, lack of sleep, need I go on, don't appeal to me. I want my body back, I want to be able to bend over again, I really just want to be able to breathe, I want to run and enjoy all the little things I take for granted when Im not pregnant. 
You know what, all those temporary complaints are so worth it in the end. To hold the life that has been growing inside of you for the past 40 weeks is a beautiful thing. It's amazing what our bodies are capable of, God is awesome. He has blessed me and many others with a gift that shouldn't be taken for granted. 

I pray for the women that have not be able to carry life and have cried for their losses. 

I'm reminded everyday that I have a beautiful gift growing inside of me and thank God that he chose me to their Mama. What a privilege I have been given. I pray that God would give me the tools to be the very best Mama I can be every moment of everyday. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Project 52/13

Project 52: An image once a week documenting our daily lives
Week 13
I've been slacking, at pretty much everything. Hey, I'm aloud to when I'm this pregnant, right?!? I have to admit I haven't taken a picture once a week in over 3 weeks, and these were actually taken last week.....I know.
Its a good thing I didn't try and commit to the once a day photo challenge!
Anyway here's my sweet, funny, energetic Hunter boy. Man I love this kid. He pretty much grew up over night since he had his first haircut. He seriously makes me laugh with some of the things he comes up with. I'm loving this age and the personality he is getting.  

Preggo update-34.5 weeks

Well here I am 34.5 almost 35 weeks pregnant with baby #2. I'm still shocked looking back over the past almost 9 months and can't believe in a few more weeks I'll get to meet this new love that will completely change my world again for the better. Its such a  different experience not knowing the sex of this baby. I have a strong feeling its another boy, maybe because "boy" is all I know or its my mama's intuition.
Going through this pregnancy has been in many ways different than it was being pregnant with Hunter. With Hunter I craved salty, savory and greasy foods, although I still enjoy eating those types of foods I mostly crave sweets this time. With Hunter I was really emotional and cried all the time, this time I have the occasional cry but have been more feisty as my hubby would say ;)
Also another huge relief, I'm not swollen like I was pregnant with Hunter! Holy cow, check out those bad boys!!! Not only did my feet look like this, my entire body was blown up. What a huge relief it has been to not be swollen, especially since I'm chasing around a toddler this time. In general my body hasn't gone through or experienced the discomfort and pain that I did being pregnant with my first.
I'm trying to not stress out about having a newborn with a 20 month old but I'm also preparing myself for a rough adjustment. I know things will work out and eventually everyone will find there place and adjust to this new change as a family, but I'm nervous.
I'm nervous that it will be too much at times and I won't know how to handle it. That hubby will get overwhelmed with home, work and school load and that Hunter will have a tough time understanding that He will no longer be his Mama's only baby.
At the same time I'm filled with so much joy and happiness thinking about meeting this baby for the first time, experiencing that same unexplainable love that takes over. Seeing my hubby become a Daddy all over again to this new babe and watching Hunter become a big brother.


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Project 52/ 7,8&9

Project 52: A image once a week documenting our lives
Week 7
I'm such a bad blogger sometimes, I haven't been super motivated to upload photos and babble about life on here. I haven't been super motivated about much lately, just don't have much energy :/
Anyway, enough wah wah blah blah poor me pregnant lady talk ;)
I busted out some clothes I've bought or been given for the babe and got so giddy about putting these tiny clothes on he or she! I daydream all the time about what this babe will be, look like, what their personality will turn into, will they get hubby's adorable dimples like Hunter did?!?!
Week 8
Was Hunter's 18 month check up at the doctors. It amazes me how fast this kid is growing up, I feel like we just celebrated his 1st birthday and he will already be 2 in 6 months! What!?!
Poor kid had to get the rest of his booster shots, thank goodness he won't have to get anymore until he is 4! That evening and following day he had a fever and was pretty miserable. I felt so bad :(

Week 9
Today we finally got some much needed rain and hopefully it will stay for the next few days. Hunter and I have lounged around the house in our jammies all day playing, doing a little bit of housework, eating and just being pretty lazy (much needed for this tired, 8 month pregnant Mama). 
Hubby started his class this week and has been busy with work and homework, I'm looking forward to having zero plans this weekend and hoping he can join us for some spontaneous fun. Hope you all have a great rest of the week and awesome weekend!! 

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Project 52: An image once a week documenting our daily lives

Week 6
  Hunter will be 18 months next week and already more of a little boy than my baby. He's been teething pretty bad lately which has been affecting his/our sleep and moods. I can feel a few more teeth coming in up top which will add to the four he already has, two top front and two bottom front. He has about 10 words in his vocabulary and is communicating really well through signs.

Another awesome thing to report, he is aware that there is a baby in Mama's belly! I'll ask him where the baby is and he'll lift my shirt and point to my belly. Love it!
 Baseball hats are the cutest thing ever on babies! He usually only wears the hat for a few minutes then realizes its on and swipes it off his head. I'm trying to train him into keeping them on his head. I think it also helps tame his wild mane ;)